The Live Show

Together with latin percussion and organic instrumentation, Jessica Curran's Jazz Ensemble presents a melange of original compositions, South American classics, and high-spirited, eclectic arrangements from the Great American Songbook. She seamlessly escorts her audience on a trip around the globe, performing in a variety of languages together with a warm and energetic spin on repertoire collected through her travels. A story-teller, actor and musical painter, her audience finds itself submerged in a unique soundscape and range of emotion. Jessica Curran Quintet presents a fusion of jazz, beloved South American repertoire, and North American Classics. 

"Not only is she a great singer with a touching feeling, good phrasing and wonderful pitch, Jessica Curran is an extremely communicative person and as musician she delivers constantly a unique contact to her audience. It´s in her way to express her lyrics but also in the easy conversation between her songs. There is always a warm feeling between the stage and the audience, and that's all her work."

--Homero Alvarez: Musician, Composer &Producer of Mornington LIVE Jazz Club, Stockholm

Performance Highlights:

The Beehive 2018/ 2019 (Boston, MA)

Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra February 2019 (Barnestable, MA)

National Seashore with The Navy Band August 2018 (Orleans, MA)

SextaJazz AF February 2018 (Florianópolis, BR)

Trompowski Jazz Club February 2018 (Florianópolis, BR)

Rockwood Music Hall November 2017 (NYC, NY)

Andy's Club November 2017 (Denton, TX)

Stockholm Jazz Festival October 2017 (Stockholm, SE)

Mornington LIVE Jazz Club September 2017 (Stockholm, SE)

Fasching Jazz Club April 2017 (Stockholm, SE)

Chez Lili et Marcel February 2017 (Paris, FR)

Stockholm Concert Hall February 2016 (Stockholm, SE)

Bass Performance Hall January 2015 (Fort Worth, TX)

38 Riv Jazz Club March 201 (Paris, FR)

Andy's Jazz Club April 2012 (Chicago, IL)


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