"Here" CD

"Here" CD


Here (2017)

Jessica Curran’s debut album, “Here” depicts her Western European chapter as she finished her degree in Jazz from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Incorporating rhythms from southern Spain, and folk instruments from Ireland and Sweden, “Here” harmoniously blends lush jazz harmonies with worldly storytelling. 

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Musicians/ Credit

Producer/ Mix by Martin Axelsson

Master by Stockholm Mastering

Co-writers: Chris Petro (Grounded), Christopher Lennerbrandt (Distance), William Benckert (Belonging)
Vocal Backgrounds: Co-written with Isabel Crespo (Upright, Here)

Erik Tengholm- Trumpet

Joel Karlsson- Sax, Flute

Arnar Ingi Richarson, Lili Holényi-  Vocals

Erik Rydvall- Nyckelharpa (Upright)

Henrik Norbeck- Irish Whistle

Aurélien Trigo, Michelle Barth-Croon, Ossian Ward, Linnea Vikström- Strings (Weightless)

Torbjörn Bernhardsson, Veronica Novotna, Ingegerd Kierkegaard, Johanna Sjunnesson- Strings (Night Visions, Belonging)

Tobias Johansson- Piano (Grounded, Night Visions, Belonging)

William Benckert- Piano (Distance, Here, Weightless)

Simon Löfstedt- Guitar (Distance, Here)

Alf Carlsson- Guitar (Grounded, Night Visions)

Gustav Lundgren- Guitar (Upright)

Samuel Löfdahl- Bass

Tobhias Gräns- Drums

Axel Fagerberg- Percussion