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Compositions | Jingles | Lyrics | Arrangements


Jessica! I have a composition, but I’m not sure how I can communicate my emotion to the listener!

  • No problem! Let’s chat about what was going through your head, and I will write a set of lyrics in perfect matrimony with your song’s message. You audience will be laughing/ crying/ thinking about their old car right along with you.

Jessica! Help! I have the perfect product, but I need a way for my buyers to remember the name!

  • I got you! I’ll write you ten catchy jingles that will never ever un-glue itself from the listener’s head. Let’s get to work!

So Jess, I don’t know what to do. I just made this incredibly beautiful movie, and this one scene is just… lacking something…

  • How about a song in so-and-so style? I’ll write it for you!

Oh Jess! One more thing!

  • Yes, incredibly diverse, totally real human entity?

What is this track missing? I think it needs a layer of something!

  • How about some lush strings? Maybe a cat choir? I’ll have a well-crafted arrangement for you ASAP!

Talk to me! What do you need? I’m here for all your musical needs!

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